I got a soft spot for a boat with good lines. Probably heavily influenced by the fact that my Dad is a boat builder. I’ll never turn down a good sail in a boat …




I’m a pretty avid hunter and I wouldn’t trade anything for the little piece of serenity I get when I’m sitting in my tree stand.


I’ve spent countless hours on the dock at my parents house, fishing, taking in a few rays of sun, and indulging in a book or twenty. You just can’t pay too much attention to the bird poo …

on the Bay ... you just can’t beat them … hands down prettiest around.


Nothing better then living in an spot where at any given moment you can see heron, deer, and some fluffy little muskrats.





Couldn’t have pursued this crazy endeavor without the undying support of these two hardworking people. I’ve been so blessed to have an amazing set of parents. And, I’ll forever be a Daddy’s girl.

My dog, my furry child and possibly the most handsome-est thing around. But, I’m probably a little biased, and obsessed.

No discrimination towards any seafood here, but by far my most craved food is a buttery, salty oyster. Ice cold, please. With a squeeze of lemon.