Hope & James

Every couple that gets engaged spends the following hours and days excitedly declaring things that they want to be a part of their special day.James and I were no different. Literally minutes after he proposed we were both shooting off ideas for our wedding.

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to hire Coty Jones as our photographer. We had both previously admired her work, and she immediately came to mind. James and I decided to book an engagement session first, as neither of us had taken professional photos with anyone and we wanted to get a feel for her shooting energy.During our first session Coty provided a casual, calm, and FUN atmosphere, which allowed us to naturally depict our relationship.

The product of that session really reflected how comfortable we were working with her. From that point on there was no question, and so we put our deposit down that day. Hiring Coty was the easiest decision of the wedding planning process. There was no second option. Good communication and reliability is essential when hiring wedding vendors, and neither were of any concern with Coty.

Our big day was a major do-it-yourself event, and she made sure to capture not only all of our special moments, but all the details that made our wedding OURS...something I will cherish forever. Both James and I have admitted to logging into our online album to brighten a bad day at work, or just relive that most incredible day of our lives. We are eternally grateful for Coty's beautiful photographs, but working with her is much more than great photography. She possess all of the great qualities that you could hope for in a vendor. James & I look forward to working with her in the future, and supporting her passion.